Welcome to our blog ?>

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our Blog! The Saint Giles blog will keep you updated on happenings, events and general information about persons with disabilities. Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions. We welcome all communication from our supporters. Yours in blogging Brenda Craig

Barriers to Free-Living for Seniors with Disability | Saint Giles ?>

Barriers to Free-Living for Seniors with Disability | Saint Giles

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines barriers as beyond physical hindrances. This covers all the factors and possible reasons in one’s physical environment, whether they are present or absent in certain situations that will limit or prevent functionality in an individual’s life. (https://unsplash.com/search/photos/wheelchair?photo=P3ePH4bnbcs) Some of these aspects include inaccessible environment, lack of useful and practical technology and devices, negative attitudes of normal people towards disabled individuals, and discrimination by the general public and its policies. For these apparent reasons, non-government…

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Our Wish List ?>

Our Wish List

While Saint Giles pays its disabled staff a fair and competitive hourly wage, some of the disabled staff are sole breadwinners for their families and find there is too much week left after payday. To help our staff we are appealing for donations for them such as: Toiletries (basic items such as sanitary pads, toilet paper, soap; toothpaste, lotion, etc) Tinned food or basic food stuffs (mealie meal, sugar, tea, coffee, milk, etc) Within the organisation there are also a…

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Tsogo Sun AMAShOVA Durban Classic ?>

Tsogo Sun AMAShOVA Durban Classic

By Jean Erasmus I have been working at Saint Giles, a NPO for the Disabled for the past 4½ years. August 2016 saw me change my mindset with regards to my health and well-being. My lack of exercise and various other contributing factors, over the years, forced me to look at just how lucky I was, as an able-bodied person, compared to my fellow disabled employees. It was for this reason that I became a regular cyclist. One of Durban’s…

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Mandela Day 2017 ?>

Mandela Day 2017

“It is in your hands to make the world a better place,” said Nelson Mandela. And, on 18 July 2017 this is exactly what happened at Saint Giles. The staff and other companies joined together to make this a special day for the disabled. Bidvest Panalpina Logistics (BPL) took the refurbishment of the work centre canteen on as their Mandela Day project. They raised money through a company food sale and on the day served delicious briyani to the staff….

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Fire at Saint Giles ?>

Fire at Saint Giles

Tuesday, 31st January started off like any other day at Saint Giles—admin staff busy with month end deadlines, work centre staff busy packing garlic flakes and sorting cinnamon & tea, patients enjoying the TLC on offer in our Remedial Gym and morning shoppers taking advantage of the bargains in our Charity Shop. Little did we know what the last day of January had planned for us… …At approximately 10h20 some of the staff noticed a distinct burning odour on the…

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Leaving a Legacy ?>

Leaving a Legacy

The last Heritage Circle function for the year was held on November 11 with Desrae Coventry from Make the Shift as the guest speaker and Hirsch spoiling the guests with cappuccinos. Desrae shared a vulnerable story about her life and how what happens to us can shape us but how we choose to move forward and create our own story is what we will leave behind. “What do you want your legacy to be?” she asked. Refreshments were served and…

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