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A sad day as Remedial Therapy Centre closes ?>

A sad day as Remedial Therapy Centre closes

Saint Giles is a non-profit organisation for people with disabilities in Durban. This esteemed organisation has been in operation for the past 68 years providing numerous services for the disabled community. Saint Giles now finds itself in crisis! The impact ofCovid-19 has amplified the intense challenges that South African businesses and NPO’s have being facing for many years, mainly in the financial realm. This crisis has meant that many organisation’s are having to make difficult decisions to survive. Saint Giles…

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Re-Opening of the Remedial Therapy Centre ?>

Re-Opening of the Remedial Therapy Centre

We are very pleased and excited to advise that we are currently working on the re-opening of what we now call our Remedial Therapy Centre. As an update, the Centre will continue to offer remedial exercise therapy for disabled persons in the form of light and active resistance exercise. It is 100% compatible for patients confined to wheelchairs. The therapy centre is equipped with 2 tilt beds and 2 standing frames as well as very specialised computer controlled Motomed machines…

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COVID-19 Special Report for Saint Giles ?>

COVID-19 Special Report for Saint Giles

We are missing you – our donors, gym patients and shop supporters …! But, in these times that feel like we are living in a movie, we need to keep safe. Human life is important and valued. That is why we have as our mission to provide service and support to the disabled because every person matters. The worldwide natural disaster of Covid-19 has certainly turned our world upside down. Saint Giles has also been affected by the crisis. We…

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Saint Giles Shutdown ?>

Saint Giles Shutdown

Following the announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa of a 21 day lockdown in South Africa starting from midnight on Thursday (March 26) until midnight on 16 April, and in an effort to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus or Covid-19, Saint Giles will have a complete shut-down. Given that our beneficiaries may be immune-compromised due to their disability the remedial exercise disabilities gym will be closed. The work centre, where we employ disabled staff on a full-time basis will also…

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Coronavirus Protection Plan ?>

Coronavirus Protection Plan

SAINT GILES has always been using hand sanitizer processes in the Work Centre because of the various food materials that we pack.  In some cases, our employees also wear a protective mask because of the food materials they are packing. In the week starting 2 March 2020 we opted to put additional protection mechanisms in place to cover our complete building as a result of the Coronavirus.  We were able to do this very quickly because we had the necessary…

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Would you like to be an enabler? ?>

Would you like to be an enabler?

Enable the disabled and leave a lasting legacy … It’s so easy! Saint Giles has a beautiful Wall of Enablers where R1 000 will see your name in black on a brick. This visible position shows the disabled and others how much you care about making a difference. If you’re feeling really generous there is also the option of a R5 000 brick – your name in green or a R10 000 brick – your name in blue (our organisations…

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Win a CSB FitV Mountain Bike ?>

Win a CSB FitV Mountain Bike

Riding with a charity batch is a very special experience … By riding with Saint Giles you are riding for all those who can’t!  A place where able bodied and disabled people come together for the love of cycling and helping more disabled people.  For 66 years Saint Giles has been helping the disabled to live normal, productive lives. We do this through our work centre, a free remedial gym and our educational bursary trust for disabled secondary and tertiary…

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Join us for Mandela Day ?>

Join us for Mandela Day

On 18 July it is Mandela Day – do you want to remember his service (67 minutes) and help the disabled? There are a few ways you can be involved at Saint Giles: We have a Charity Shop – employees can collect their unwanted gently used items and donate them to the shop for resale and much needed funds; Our Remedial Exercise Gym for Disabled patients see about 60 people come through the doors between 7-10.30am. You are welcome to…

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Fidelity Security Foundation supports the disabled ?>

Fidelity Security Foundation supports the disabled

   Supports the Disabled     Fidelity Security Foundation NPC joined hands with Saint Giles in February this year when they donated a portion of their B-BBEE spend to the organisation. Thanks to their generous donation Saint Giles has made progress in the following areas: Our Remedial Exercise Therapy Gym has increased its numbers substantially:               Our Work Centre is doing well with two new customers and the possibility of employing another 15 disabled…

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