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Coronavirus Protection Plan

SAINT GILES has always been using hand sanitizer processes in the Work Centre because of the various food materials that we pack.  In some cases, our employees also wear a protective mask because of the food materials they are packing.

In the week starting 2 March 2020 we opted to put additional protection mechanisms in place to cover our complete building as a result of the Coronavirus.  We were able to do this very quickly because we had the necessary hand sanitizing and work top cleaning materials already available, together with the professional product knowledge.

Effective Friday 6 March 2020 steps were put in place to protect:

  • Staff
  • Remedial Gym Patients and Helpers
  • Shoppers in the Charity Shop
  • Visitors to the organisation

The actions we now have in place are:

  • Installation of a hand sanitizing machine outside the entrance to the Work Centre used by the Work Centre Staff.  This ensures they sanitize their hands before they enter the Work Centre.   This results in them being able to clock in, go to the canteen and toilets and change rooms with sanitized hands without risk of polluting these areas with the virus
  • Installation of a hand sanitizing machine in the Remedial Gymnasium which requires patients and helpers and any other person who enters the facility to sanitize their hands
  • Sanitizing of Therapy Beds after every patient use and Sanitizing of all Remedial Gym equipment once a day
  • A spray bottle with sanitizer positioned where patient helpers, visitors and office staff sign in.  It is necessary for anyone in this group of people to spray their hands before actually lifting up the pen to sign in.  This same spray bottle is used by staff during the working day who move through the gate into the foyer / reception area and then return
  • A spray bottle with sanitizer positioned just inside the entrance to the Charity Shop.  All shoppers, and staff who enter the shop for business reasons, are required to spray their hands
  • A practice which requires a person to re-sanitize their hands if they leave a sanitized area and then return to it
  • Sanitizing of the Boardroom table tops and chairs after meetings attended by visitors
  • Sanitizing of the Canteen table tops and chairs twice a day
  • A Questionnaire to be completed by:
    • Visitors
    • Gym Patients and Helpers
    • Staff

which establishes their whereabouts in the previous 14 days and any risk they are aware of relating to possible exposure to the virus.  Staff and Gym patients and Helpers will fill in an initial questionnaire and provide an update if any of the originally supplied information has changed

  • Training of Staff regarding the virus and the protection methods to use
  • Providing office staff with soft copy of a 16 page slide show relating to the Coronavirus
  • Placing 4 hard copies of the same slide show in visible positions in various places in the building as a permanent reminder and for easy reference   
  • Regular mention of the Coronavirus at Quality Circles / Toolbox Talks / Staff Meetings dealing with reminders such as how a person becomes infected, what to do if feeling unwell etc
  • The purchase of additional stocks of sanitizing fluids, hand towels and masks.  The additional masks are as back-up to the stock used in the packing halls.  We were concerned that with the unusual demand for masks currently in the market, it would be possible for us to run short.  Some of our food packing projects require the use of masks by the packers doing the work.

At a management meeting on Thursday 12 March 2020, it was unanimously decided to continue with the levels of hygiene that we have established specifically for the coronavirus, even after the risk of this virus has dissipated         

We will continue to monitor our situation across our organisation on a daily basis.

Best regards                                                                                                      

Managing Director
Operations Manager

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