COVID-19 Special Report for Saint Giles ?>

COVID-19 Special Report for Saint Giles

We are missing you – our donors, gym patients and shop supporters …! But, in these times that feel like we are living in a movie, we need to keep safe. Human life is important and valued. That is why we have as our mission to provide service and support to the disabled because every person matters.

The worldwide natural disaster of Covid-19 has certainly turned our world upside down.

Saint Giles has also been affected by the crisis. We completely shut our doors after the President’s announcement of a national lockdown. This resulted in lost work hours for our disabled staff and sadly, our patients are unable to access the remedial exercise disabilities gym.
The charity shop has also been closed and will remain closed until Lockdown 4 moves to Lockdown 3.

Fortunately, on April 20 our work centre manager was able to secure permits for Saint Giles to operate as an essential service as we pack herbs and spices for companies, among other items.
On opening our doors, we have had to implement strict safety measures for our staff.

Ensuring staff are keeping things spotless and adhering to sanitising safety rules.

The work centre staff are working from Monday to Friday from 07h30 – 14h45. They are happy to be working, and observing all COVID-19 safety precautions of wearing masks, sanitising, observing social distancing, etc. Supervisors are in attendance and the usual work standards are being upheld.

If you can help with a financial donation during these difficult times, we would so appreciate it as we have incurred several new costs related to COVID-19 regulations.

Our banking details are:
Saint Giles
First National Bank
Acc: 5088 165 0904 Code: 220-126 Ref: Your Name_Covid.

Your help during these strange times will ensure we can continue to keep our staff safe and thus help provide service and support to the disabled.


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