Re-Opening of the Remedial Therapy Centre ?>

Re-Opening of the Remedial Therapy Centre

We are very pleased and excited to advise that we are currently working on the re-opening of what we now call our Remedial Therapy Centre.

As an update, the Centre will continue to offer remedial exercise therapy for disabled persons in the form of light and active resistance exercise. It is 100% compatible for patients confined to wheelchairs. The therapy centre is equipped with 2 tilt beds and 2 standing frames as well as very specialised computer controlled Motomed machines for patients suffering with lower limb immobility. The centre employs staff who are qualified to provide this specialised therapy.

This opening will be carried out under the lockdown regulations, so numerous new measures will be put in place regarding sanitisation and to ensure social distancing whilst patients are working independently on the specialised equipment. A therapy session with one of our therapists will also be in a controlled situation.

Certain categories of people are particularly susceptible to the Coronavirus, and we will therefore apply these particular restrictions regarding which patients we will personally contact to allow them access to the centre. The restrictions we intend to apply are as follows:
• Patients over 60 years of age
• Patients with high blood pressure
• Patients who are diabetic
• Patients with heart problems

In addition, as a result of the floor space available, each patient will only be allowed 1 helper with them inside the Centre and the maximum number of patients per session will be 14.

Each invited patient, who intends to attend therapy sessions, will be supplied with an initial invitation by Whatsapp to their mobile. At the time of the first attendance, the patient will be provided with a hard copy of the therapy session invitations going forward.

Session times will remain the same at this early stage of the planning: 07h30 to 10h00 and 10h15 to 12h30. Patients will be allocated to a particular session as before.

We look forward to providing this much loved service again, and regret that by force of circumstance, some patients will be excluded.

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