Win a CSB FitV Mountain Bike ?>

Win a CSB FitV Mountain Bike

Riding with a charity batch is a very special experience … By riding with Saint Giles you are riding for all those who can’t!

 A place where able bodied and disabled people come together for the love of cycling and helping more disabled people.

 For 66 years Saint Giles has been helping the disabled to live normal, productive lives. We do this through our work centre, a free remedial gym and our educational bursary trust for disabled secondary and tertiary students.

Last year we did something a little audacious. We paired disabled and able bodied riders so that they could complete the Amashova together as one team. 16 riders completed the race  – one was hearing impaired and one had a serious health issue.

This year we’d like to grow the size of the team, get even more PR and raise more money. And we’ve started in fine style. Former semi-professional cyclist Neil Abbott will ride on the team in 2018 and we’re keeping our fingers crossed on some bright lights in para-cycling.

* Neil Abbott from Cycle Specialists in Durban North has sponsored a CSB FitV Mountain Bike as a lucky draw competition. R50 will get you one entry into the draw. You have to be in it to win it!

Contact Brenda Craig on 031 337 4404 or to get your entry in to win this amazing bike OR, maybe you would like to join the Saint Giles Amashova Team? Call or mail NOW …

The competition will end and be drawn on Friday, October 19 in the lead up to the Amashova on 21 October 2018.

The CSB FitV Mountain Bike will be sized for you personally if you win it!

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