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Saint Giles Durban

saint giles diary

Saint Giles sells a page-a-day dairy in either A5 or A4 size. Diary sales contribute towards the running expenses of Saint Giles. See the section on Use of Donation Monies.

The diary is personalised and contains many special information and recording sections.

2018 Diaries cost: A4 = R399 | A5 = R299 [includes VAT, Postage & Packaging]
You qualify for a discount if 5 or more diaries are purchased.
The diaries are sold via CrossBow Marketing, a marketing company who sells them on our behalf and we get a small percentage from the sales thereof.
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    Special Information Sections:
  • South African Public Holidays
  • Hindu Calendar
  • Jewish Holidays
  • South African Days to Remember
  • Namibian Public Holidays
  • Christian Festivals
  • South African School Terms
  • Namibian School Terms
  • Islamic Special Days
  • Namibian Days to Remember
  • South African/International Postage Costs
  • South African Distances by Road
  • Namibian Distances by Road
  • Botswana Distances by Road
  • South African Hotels
  • Namibian Hotels
  • Car Hire Contact Numbers – South Africa
  • Car Hire Contact Numbers – Namibia
  • South African Airport Contact Numbers
  • Flight Reservations – Domestic
  • Namibian Airport and Flight Reservation Numbers
  • Airlines Information
  • South African Universities
  • South African Place Name Changes
  • Quick Spell
  • South African Cinema Bookings – Contact Numbers
  • Mr Delivery SA Contact Numbers
  • SA Cabinet Ministers and Deputy Ministers
  • Namibian Cabinet Ministers and Deputy Ministers
  • South African Postal and Dialing Codes
  • Sport Website Addresses
  • Maps of our World
  • Flags of our World
  • Title Abbreviations
  • Wedding & Anniversary Gifts
    Special Recording Sections:
  • Monthly Planner
  • Year Planner
  • Action plan for the week
  • Daily Fitness Record
  • Daily Tracking of the Rand exchange rate
  • Telephone/mobile and E Mail address index
  • Staff Leave Charts


Saint Giles Durban

Saint Giles Durban
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