Charity Shop

The Charity Shop is based at our premises at 4 Prince Street, Durban. In 2010 the shop was renovated to create a “comfortable shopping experience.” The income derived from the shop contributes towards the running costs of Saint Giles.

The Charity Shop is always looking for donated goods which can be sold. All donated goods must please be in good and working condition. If required, we will collect. Such second hand goods would be:

  • Clothes, shoes
  • Kitchen utensils, crockery, cutlery, glassware etc.
  • Furniture,
  • Any electrical appliances as long as they are still in good working order
  • Ornaments, vases etc.
  • Pictures
  • Wheel chairs, walking aids, crutches etc.
  • Computers, Printers and the like (once again in good working order)
  • Jewellery


How can you help?

Donate second hand goods for re-sale.