The Work Centre

The generosity of our donors has enabled us to develop a Work Centre. Since the initial development stage, we have increased our ability to provide employment for the disabled. Saint Giles is level 1 B-BBEE compliant The growth in employee numbers has been possible by increasing the size of the Work Centre, again thanks to donations received from the public, and by sourcing more work Our Work Centre employees are permanent rather than casual or contract workers.

As a result, we are well aware of their capabilities and they produce work of a very high quality We are looking for more work for the Work Centre to make the permanent employment of our disabled employees more certain and also give us the opportunity to provide employment to more disabled people FSSC CERTIFICATION FOR FOOD SAFETY We are very proud of the fact that in May 2014 we were assessed and found to comply with the requirements of the FSSC Certification Scheme for food safety systems including ISO 22000:2005, ISO/TS 22002-1:2010 and additional FSSC 22000 requirements. This certification is applicable for Receiving of Raw Materials, Storage; Packing of Spices, Storage and Distribution, and we have retained this listing every year since 2014 following successful audits.

In September 2019 we successfully listed with the United States Food and Drug Administration which allows food stuff we pack to be sold in the United States

Work Centre Customers are currently companies such as:

  • Unilever
  • National Bioproducts Institute
  • Brand Identity
  • Moringa 5000
  • Go Fruit
  • RPC-AstraPak
  • Floyds Foods
  • Lucky Man Home Brew Cider Mix
  • 3 Tiger Promotions
  • Pro-Print
  • Wearcheck
  • National Brands / Entyce
  • Moringa Initiative
  • ShadeTech
  • Big Red

How can you help?

If you know of a company who requires their goods to be hand packed, sorted or assembled give them our contact details.

Work samples

  • Our Work Centre employees are capable of handling a broad range of work which demands a variety of skills
  • The most complex work is probably the packing of herbs and whole spice for Unilever under the Robertsons brand. We have been doing this work since 1976. We work to very strict quality and hygiene requirements and our facilities are regularly audited by Unilever. Our employees are capable of packing approximately 50,000 boxes of herbs and whole spice a week. The volume is reliant on the mix of product being packed
  • We also undertake relatively simple tasks. Tying strings to cardboard labels and packing tennis racquet strings are two of these more easy tasks

Examples of some of the Herbs and Whole Spice products we pack for Unilever. We have been doing this packing for 41 years

“C” in the Julian code at the bottom of a Robertsons box means it was packed by Saint Giles

Tennis Racquet Strings which we pack for Brand Identity. We have been doing this packing since 2001.

The ‘brains” behind the Video Inkjet printer

Video Inkjet printing the Julien Code on the bottom of Robertsons boxes

  • Another complex task is the packing of blood by-products for the National Bioproducts Institute, which itself is also a non-profit organisation. There are 21 by-products which we pack into a variety of boxes. This process in some cases includes labeling and normally also includes an information leaflet. We have done this type of work for NBI since 1975. Because of the controls which became necessary some time ago when packing this type of product, our employees now work at NBI under the supervision of one of our employees
  • By comparison, the making of guy ropes for Shadetech, the packing of oil test kits for Wear Check is much less complex

Packing information leaflets for Pro-Print, a customer for 13 years

Packing of blood by-products for the National Bioproducts Institute. We have been doing this since 1975.

Manufacturing of Guy Ropes for Shadetech, which we have been doing since 2008.

Packing Oil Test Kits for Wear Check, a customer since 1975.

Moringa 5000

You can see the type of work which our workers are capable of doing. Please give us the chance to quote to do work for you.